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Are you having a problem watching one of our live streams? Here are some troubleshooting tips which may help. Please note, while we can offer some general information below, we cannot offer individual assistance or help with your computer setup or configuration.

What’s the best way to watch?

Our live streams can be viewed on the vast majority of devices. Most people watch on tablets, phones, laptops and desktop computers. Our webcasts are optimised for these screen sizes. If you have a casting, mirroring or screen sharing facility such as Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast, you will be able to view the live stream on a larger TV screen. Note that in general terms for live streams, picture quality will decrease as you increase the screen size you’re viewing on. We do not recommend web browsing apps built into Smart TVs as these browsers do not always support streaming video, but your experience may vary!

I can’t find the livestream I’m looking for

You’ll need to request the link to the livestream in advance from the Event Organiser.

I’ve opened the livestream page but I can’t see any video at all

Try the backup link. Look on the livestreaming page for “Can’t see the video above?” and click the link. You’ll be taken to a page on Vimeo, which is the platform we use to live stream.

If this does not solve your issue, your computer settings or a firewall may be blocking the video. Some countries also impose restrictions on viewing videos and live streams from overseas (for example, China).

I see the message “This event hasn’t started yet”

Please wait – the livestream is not yet online. The video will begin automatically as soon as we go live.

The video is small

You can switch to full screen mode by clicking on the square icon to the bottom right of the video.

I can’t hear any sound

Check the volume on your device is turned up.
Check your computer audio is being routed to the correct output (eg speakers not headphones) and check any audio cables are securely inserted.
Make sure the browser tab you’re using isn’t muted.
Move your mouse pointer over the video and check if a “CLICK HERE TO UNMUTE” button appears.

The video has frozen and/or I see a spinning circle

Either wait for the stream to resume automatically, or refresh the page to reload the livestream.

This buffering is temporary and the video will restart automatically. It is usually caused by factors at the viewers’ end: your own internet connection may be slow, your internet connection may have dropped, or your computer or device may be experiencing issues.

I see the message “Live stream offline”

Either wait for the stream to resume automatically, or refresh the page to reload the livestream.

This message appears temporarily if the internet connection at the ceremony location drops below the required speed for streaming video. We do our best to avoid this happening but internet speeds are out of our control. You will also see this message if we need to change streaming settings after we go live. We monitor speeds in real time, and if the stream becomes unstable, we’ll need to pause the stream briefly to change settings. The video will restart automatically.

In the very rare event that we lose our internet connection completely and cannot continue the livestream, a recording of the ceremony will be posted to the page as soon as possible. Please check back later.

How do I refresh or reload the livestreaming page?

Look for an icon at the top of the page that looks like a circular arrow. Refreshing or reloading the webpage will often rectify your issue.

I missed the live event but want to watch the recording

Press the play button (the triangle icon on the bottom left of the video).

I can’t see the earlier part of the livestream

Click the down arrow on the top left of the video to check if there are any previous livestreams available to watch.

Sometimes events are live streamed in several parts where we go offline in between. When we resume the next part of the live stream, the live video will appear automatically and the previous video will move into the playlist box.