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Event Live Streaming by Watch It Live

Professional, engaging and bespoke event live streaming services

For companies, organisations, groups, charities, schools and individuals across Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands

Watch It Live Event Live Streaming Logo

Event Live Streaming

Servicing Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands


We mix between different cameras, shots and angles to capture all the important details of your event


Multiple professional microphones make sure that everyone and everything can be heard clearly


We use the latest live streaming technology with 5G internet connections and a full backup plan


Watch the event live as it’s happening from wherever you are – it’s simple, straightforward and easy


A recording of the event can stay online for a set period so people can also watch at a later date


Easily watch our event live streams on any device without any need to download apps or software


All events are also recorded so you can download and keep the video plus slice and dice for socials


Your private bespoke streaming page is set up ands branded just the way you need


We’ll provide a list of everyone who registered to watch for follow-ups and lead generation

Watch It Live Event Live Streaming Logo

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Our Event Live Streaming Clients

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Your event live stream dream team

Watch It Live is the events arm of CeremonyCast Live Streaming

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The importance of Event Live Streaming

Event Live Streaming events has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years, revolutionising the way we consume and engage with content.

First and foremost, event live streaming provides a sense of immediacy and authenticity that traditional media formats often lack. Viewers can witness events as they unfold in real time, creating a shared experience and fostering a sense of community. Whether it’s a major sporting event, a music concert, or a political rally, live streaming allows individuals from around the world to participate and engage with the event as if they were physically present.

Moreover, event live streaming offers unparalleled accessibility. In the past, attending certain events required physical proximity or expensive tickets. However, live streaming eliminates these barriers, allowing anyone with an internet connection to watch and engage with the event from the comfort of their own home. This inclusivity has expanded the reach of events to a global audience, democratising access and creating opportunities for individuals who may not have had the means or opportunity to attend in person.

The rise of social media platforms and mobile technology has also played a significant role in the popularity of an event live stream. Users can easily share and engage with the content through comments, likes, and shares.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of event live streaming as a means of entertainment, education, and communication. With the restrictions on large gatherings and travel, live streaming became the primary way for events to continue, allowing organisers to reach audiences and maintain engagement despite physical limitations.

In conclusion, the popularity of event live streaming can be attributed to its immediacy, accessibility, inclusivity, advancements in technology, and the unique opportunities it offers. As technology continues to evolve and connectivity improves, we can expect live streaming to become even more prevalent, shaping the future of entertainment, communication, and community engagement.

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